Gary Neville slams Glazer family for turning Manchester United into a prison

Gary Neville slams the Glazer family again.

The pressure is mounting on the Glazer family, especially from sponsors who are getting battered in the review sections online, and it feels like every morning I wake up there’s something new.

Someone else having a pop or a fan like Gary Neville looking at another stick to beat them with.

Let’s not pretend there aren’t many sticks you could use to hit either Joel or Avram over the head with…

Neville claimed the security measures taken ahead of the Liverpool match on Thursday night proves the relationship between the Glazers and the United supporters is beyond repair.

United fans protested almost two weeks ago and managed to get the game with Liverpool postponed – and more demonstrations took place last night before the rescheduled fixture took place.

United took extra precautions ahead of the game with higher police presence and rows of barriers surrounding the stadium. The players arrived at the ground hours before kick-off, decoying their usual trip to the Lowry Hotel where they rest up pre-game.

The club’s response on Sky Sports News was typical. Actions speak louder than words.

This has left Neville furious, saying (via Daily Star): “What we have at the moment is a fan base more wound up than ever before.

“Let’s be clear what we’ve seen on that forecourt, which is effectively Manchester United turned into a prison,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s a devastating image for the Manchester United image and brand around the world.

“When you have to put prison walls around your ground and have hundreds and hundreds of police officers on a game where fans aren’t attending, there is something gone badly wrong.”

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