Video: Manchester United fan punched by police behind van during anti-Glazer protests

With the GMP up in arms over Sunday’s peaceful protests, I wonder what their response is to seeing a number of their own drag and punch someone to the floor.

It was mission accompanied when the match got postponed – and the focus now must turn on the Glazers and football ownership in the UK as a whole.

Thousands gathered outside Old Trafford and voiced their anger against the Glazer family. Their plans to form a breakaway European Super League have backfired, and their next move remains to be seen.

The video below is a nasty one. It shows a group of policemen tearing into a young lad behind a van, and they quickly ran the men behind the cameras as soon as they noticed it was being recorded.

Footage doesn’t show what the fan on the floor did in the first place, but whatever it was hardly warranted such an assault by policemen on nothing more than a power trip.

These protests are going nowhere. This time United fans will be heard.

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  1. who the hell are those policemen who gave that your guy a kicking ? it was totally uncalled for ..they should lose their jobs over that…No wonder they youths of today dont like the police

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