Liverpool fan makes strong argument in support of Manchester United fans protesting against Glazers

Fantastic work on Sunday. I can’t say it enough as Manchester United fans got their point across.

The protests on Sunday demonstrated that peaceful direct action is sufficient and it’s easy enough to prevent games going ahead.

And it really doesn’t matter how many shirts you sell if you can’t play the games, so if you plan to protest it’s probably best to ensure that the Glazers are hit financially.

Anyhow, there’s been a lot said about the protests on social media – not helped by the ever-outdated Graeme Souness. The pundit has gone from being a proper hard midfielder, dishing out leg breaking tackles, to becoming Helen Lovejoy on Sky Sports.

“I think it’s born out of United not being top dogs as much as what happened last week,” Souness said, as quoted by The Standard.

“It’s only since Fergie stopped that the success has stopped and I think that irritates supporters and they have become the focus of their anger. I think it’s slightly misdirected.”

Souness wasn’t alone in making this a point scoring exercise, but Liverpool fan and Anfield Wrap reporter Gareth Roberts made several very good points about how their own fans previously spoke about doing what United fans did under Hicks and Gillett. Listen to the short segment below:

Unfortunately, being polite and nice has got us nowhere. We’ve gone 16-years ignored.

Jamie Carragher was on the money, too, along with Gary Neville, Roy Keane and even Micah Richards all sat in the studio. The former Liverpool defender hit out at Souness’ comments last night, saying: “I really want to get this message across. This is not the European Super League for me. The supporters who really felt this more and marched on stadiums (after Super League) are Manchester United and Arsenal – that’s because they had a huge problem with their owners before this.

“This was the tipping point. Other supporters are very angry with their owners, but don’t necessarily want them out. I think it’s different for these two clubs, because of that.

“I’ve listened to a lot this morning and I watched other things. I’ve got no problem with people having a different point of view or a different opinion from me, because it’s nuanced what happened yesterday. But get the facts. Please. When you are going to talk about this, know what’s going on.”

It’s just a shame Richards can’t do anything to wake up City fans across the city. They’ve got blue ketchup in their eyes.

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