Manchester United anti-Glazer protests: A fanbase united, a fanbase ignited

  • Glazers bought the club with a loan
  • Transferred the debt of the loan to the club
  • Have put £0 of their own money into the club (Shearer this ones for you go shove your net spend graphs you googled)
  • All transfers have come from club revenue
  • They have taken 2 billion from the club

As the great Mancunian Tony Wilson once said, we do things differently around here. I’ve never been more proud to be a United fan for off the pitch reasons. These cockroaches will go again, this is not over we must get them out. Enough is enough.

Viva La Revolution

Read more: Manchester United statement on anti-Glazer protests

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  1. Need TAMPA BAY Reds to ramp up the pressure now, and the other FLORIDA based UTD fans to protest in the Glazers back yard !

    1. If we could get co-ordinate with our American fellow reds that can only help. My understanding is the narrative as been twisted over the pond.

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