(Video) Man Utd fans start anti-Glazer protest outside team hotel ahead of Liverpool game

Red flares, anti-Glazer chants and the start of today’s protest which is scheduled to begin at 2pm outside Old Trafford.

The team stays at The Lowry Hotel before home matches and fans have gathered outside in big numbers to voice their anger against the Glazers.

You can see the fans gathered outside the hotel in the video below, courtesy of Red Issue:

A banner was also pictured earlier hinting that Avram Glazer visited Epstein’s island.

Today’s planned protest is set to begin in two hours but it has kicked off early in the city centre.

It will be interesting to see if the team’s route to the stadium gets blocked.

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  1. I see the scrum bag plastics are trying to disrupt out pre game prep like the scrum they are. You plastic bastards aren’t getting rid of ole solskjaer but you can leave. Plastics!

    We lose. we know who to blame…. You protesters.
    We fail win the uel. We know who to blame. You protest scum

    1. Don’t quite get your point ? It had absolutely nothing to do with getting rid of Ole . It was directed towards the Glazer’s and their ownership of the club . Problem is alot of United fans are deluded and cannot see that the Glazer’s are only a small piece of a bigger Problem. We had it so good under Sir Alex and alot seam to think they have a god given right to demand trophies every season and thats not the way it works . The Glazer’s have had no problem given us the funds when needed. Problem is its been poorly invested and wasted on players who were clearly not of a good enough standard. Most have come and gone the Glazer’s cant be blame for that . Pep is a fare more experienced manager then Ole and its hard to match the spending power of City. Klopp didn’t get results over night it tuck time and alot of trial and error. They had a great season last season but are way off the mark this one and that’s how things go in football. Ole has the team playing well and our form away from home has been the best we have seen for a long time . If we can apply that to our home form we will be a force to be reckoned with . One or two signings in the Summer and we will be alot better prepared

  2. What no yellow and green scarves? Should have done this years ago United fans got what they deserved.

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