Petition to enforce “50+1” rule for professional football club ownership approaches 100k signatures

It comes just a week after 12 European football clubs attempted a breakaway European Super League.

Let it be never said that football fans voicing their opinions can’t make change. The backlash from the ESL was proof that a nerve was hit. From Gary Neville on Sky Sports to the postman who misses going to Old Trafford on matchday, these greedy owners are trying to ruin communities and strip football away from its history.

The petition which is asking that the Government introduces legislation which enforces professional football clubs to have at least 51% fan ownership – similar to how the Bundesliga operates the 50+1 rule.

As of the time this article goes live, the petition has surpassed 97.2k followers and the Government will consider all petitions that exceed 100k signatures for debate in Parliament.

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We can’t stand still after the ESL failure and let something like that happen again.

The Glazers and the other owners involved have made their intentions very clear, and Joel Glazers refused to hear the music by not jumping on call for this morning’s fans’ forum meeting.

Ed Woodward addressed the fans on a call.

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