Glazers set £4bn asking price to sell Manchester United – report

The Glazers would be prepared to sell Manchester United for 4 billion pounds, The Mirror reported on Saturday.

It’s a lot of money but the Glazer family apparently thinks the price is justified because the storied club will be able to secure significant sponsorship deals even after the European Super League collapsed in the past week.

The Mirror has not revealed whether the price referred to the Glazers’ majority holding or value of the entire company.

United fans are proposing the 50+1 share scheme, which would probably see the Glazers run for the hills because they’ve never wanted involvement with the fans. That would be a big difference to how the club operates, allowing fans to make big decisions and not being left in the dark.


Two members of the Red Knights, who tried to buy the club in 2010, published an open letter on Friday calling on the Glazers sell sell down their stake to a maximum of 49.9%.

Meanwhile, the same newspaper claims a bid close to £3billion was made to FSG for Liverpool from an unnamed party from the Middle East.

FSG have apparently rejected the offer, though there are said to be other interested groups from the region.

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      1. Agreed. That’s out of the frying pan into the fire. We don’t want human rights abusers as owners despite their money.

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