(Video) Gary Neville warns the Glazer family an ‘army’ is against them

Project Big Picture? European Super League? Gary Neville warns that these greedy owners are not going away, but they must be stopped.

The ESL announcement was met with an angry reaction from all who love football. Gary Neville was extremely vocal against it happening, and he’s reflected on the past week in a video clip uploaded to Twitter by Sky Sports.

“They now have an army against them,” Neville said, warning all the greedy owners about the backlash they will continue to receive after trying to completely steal our game.

Neville includes football fans and those still working within the game in his assessment, as well as the government and Royal Family, so we can’t see the pressure stopping anytime soon.

He speaks about how everyone was behind the backlash, and now have the government can help support football fans in the football because we must stop attempts like the ESL from happening again.

The former Manchester United captain also called on legislation to be brought in that will help fans have a greater say on the running of their clubs.

Footage below courtesy of Sky Sports:

It’s desperately needed at United.

Details on the 50+1 protest next week here.

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