In a statement, a spokesperson for the protesters said: “All of the consequences of the debt-ridden Glazer ownership of the club have come home to roost in the last week, with the disgraceful plans to walk away from our roots in English football and walk away from our history and tradition in the European Cup.

“The disgraceful plan was a direct consequence of an ownership structure which is all about money and nothing about supporters.

“United fans demand change. We demand the German model requiring fans own 50% +1 of the club. We demand that the Glazers begin the process to make this happen with immediate effect.

“The last week has shown them the future they dreamed of for Manchester United is not possible and is never going to happen. There will never be a better time to hand majority ownership to the only people who have the long-term interests of the club at heart – the United fans.

“We call on all United fans to come together on the forecourt at 2pm, before the Liverpool game, to collectively make this point in a way the Glazers, and the rest of the world, cannot ignore.”

A spokesperson for the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust said: “We fully understand the anger against the owners at this time. We welcome the focus on ownership, which is MUST’s fundamental objective and always has been. We urge our fans to remain United and to work together to help deliver change in a legal and peaceful way.

“Fans able to buy shares with voting rights is key to what we want to see and we are working to try and deliver a solution – whether that’s directly from the club or by legislative changes through the government.

“In the meantime there is no reason the owners shouldn’t be hearing the strength of feeling that fans have about this.”

A spokesman for The Red Army fan group told the MEN: “I think it’s fair to say that we speak on behalf of our members and all true United fans – and fans of other clubs too – that a radical shake up in club ownership and how fans are treated and involved in the running of their clubs is long overdue.

“We fully support the idea of a protest but urge anyone who is considering attending to do so legally and peacefully.”

Not long after two members of the Red Knights had written to Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, it has been announced that Manchester United fans are planning a protest.

Joel Glazer’s apology went unaccepted. What was he thinking? The Glazers were never accepted in Manchester and they’ve never made proper efforts with football fans.We all want change but too many fear that we’ve gone too far that there is no way back.

The anger was clear at the weekend over the European Super League when fans pulled together, so look at how that fell on its face and try now to keep the pressure on these owners.

They’ve crossed a line, punched below the belt, etc. Enough is enough.


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