Gary Neville: The Glazers have no place in Manchester

Gary Neville has told the Glazer family that they are “no longer welcome at Manchester United”, a message we firmly back.

Manchester United decided to pull out of the European Super League after receiving such a big backlash from supporters.

All six English clubs have done the same and it should show the football world what difference fans can make.

The greedy owners thought they were hitting us at a convenient time, with fans till not allowed into stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we stood tall and ensured the backlash would be felt across all forms of media.

Arsenal and Liverpool have apologised to their fans, where United simply issued a statement.

On top of that, Ed Woodward announced he’s to quit his role as executive vice-chairman at Manchester United.

Gary Neville insists Woodward is “only the trunk of the tree” and says the roots need removing too. The footballer turned Sky Sports pundit has been fiercely against the European Super League ever since the announcement on Sunday.

Speaking to Sky Sports on Tuesday night, Neville told the Glazers to ‘get out’ of our club.

“We obviously don’t know why the timing is now,” he said. “The leeches could have thrown him under a bus, there’s no doubt about that.

“Or it could be that the sensible thing has happened, that Ed Woodward knew it was going to get too hot in the kitchen for him in the next few months and he needed to get out of there.

“The fact of the matter is that, not just Woodward, but every single executive that sits at the Premier League table, every single executive that’s on these UEFA and FIFA committees, they need throwing out of that club because there’s no way they can be trusted.

“Ed Woodward knew his time in football was finished, probably this morning. He’s probably done that to keep away from the criticism that would’ve come his way in the next few months.”

With the ESL put to bed and Woodward resigning, it’s time to push further for the Glazers to get out of town. They were never welcome in Manchester and spend most of their time making decisions from Florida or Washington DC.

Neville insists the Glazer family are the heart of the issues and has called on them to sell the club.

“However, Ed Woodward is the trunk of the tree, we now need to go for the roots. I said last night I felt complicit, they’ve declared their hand.

“While they were sat at the club never making a statement, never showing their hands, never doing media conferences, yes they were taking money out of the club, yes they’ve leveraged against the club, there’s nothing we can do about that once the club became a PLC.

“They attacked every single football fan in this country with what they did.

“The Glazers have no place in Manchester anymore.

“We have to work hard together to ensure that ownership rules in this country are changed. We have a system whereby this cannot happen.

“Whether that’s Government intervention, independent regulator, whether it be a fan-owned club rule, whatever it is – we have to make sure that this is the catalyst for change.

“The people have spoken. We were on the brink of anarchy if this continued.”

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  1. My grandfather worked for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and played for his works team, Newton Heath, before it became United. My mother was a match-going Red (half the family were ‘citeh’ so I don’t understand the ridiculous introduction of ‘hate’ into football) and I first went to home games at Maine Rd while O.T. was still a bomb site. I only gave up my season ticket (Stretty 2 then Singing Section, warts and all) when my wife’s Alzheimer’s made many-hour trips from exile in Worcestershire impossible.
    So, as a match-goer of 75 years’ standing I’m delighted and relieved that this dreadful few days now seems to be over.
    Between October 2004 and May 2005, I left home to stay in Manchester and work with Duncan and (as it was then) Shareholders United to try to fend off the Glazers.
    Until the very end, we had the support of Sir Alex and, from the players, Ole (ridiculous ‘Olly Out’ buffoons take note!). He was the one shining light who dared to stick his head above the parapet.
    We thought that, of all the rest, Gary would have been another vocal supporter at that testing time. I appreciate that it was difficult for him and his colleagues but it was disappointing.
    So it is good to see him now, from a position where he’s as safe as houses, articulating what so many of us now feel. Better late than never.
    Meanwhile, congratulations and thanks to Duncan, MUST and all the fans who have fought so hard this past few days.
    It is now to be hoped that Johnson et al. in positions of power will now come up with a fan participation model of ownership which will help to prevent a repeat of this disgusting episode. It goes without saying that the departure of the Glazers is long, long overdue.

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