Opinion: Enough is enough, Manchester United fans – Viva La Revolution

Well what a tumultuous 48 hours its been since the announcement of the abhorrent European Super League on Sunday evening, under the covers of darkness.

A pre-mediated joint announcement by a group of greedy, opportunistic, out of touch owners trying to form a cartel and take control of our national game. They have deceived their peers for some time. A full 170 page document was produced to backup this proposal, along with deals with DAZN amongst other things. This has not happened overnight and has been in planning for quite some time.

They have tried to destroy my club (your club) and the entire integrity of the game. United fans have always known Glazers are parasites and our problem (we warned the football world in 2005 about this and got mocked). It turns out, they weren’t just our problem but everyone else’s. This must be the start of a movement to get rid and bring in much needed reform. It’s great to see the political support behind this and noises being made by MUST.

How dare these owners disrespect generations of fans through families, our history and heritage. Attempting a coup d’état on our national game in the name of greed and money. We now need to build on this momentum and mobilise to ensure the Glazers are next. They’ve crossed the line and we wont forget this until they are out. Enough is enough.

The hallmarks of this stinks of the Glazers, it’s their modus operandi and I have no doubt these parasites were the ringleaders and founding members of this idea. Who knows it could have been their masterplan since 2005? I have not followed the official United twitter account for some time, but the PR communications have been nothing short of a disaster and total disgrace.

  • They sneaked out a hidden message on the website announcing this on Sunday evening along with an investor report. Nothing on social media to the fans that we could respond to. Wonder why?
  • Then, even worse they released the below comment once it was pretty obvious this disgusting idea was going to fail. A disgrace of a post, no apology but why should we expect this from the Glazers.
club announcement

I’ll be at the protest on Saturday and I suspect many match going fans will now get right behind this.
One thing we have in this country is a sense of what’s right and justice.

This won’t be forgotten by the Old Trafford faithful and I fully expect a vociferous response from all of us when we are allowed back. Another thing, don’t think for one minute the fact we aren’t in grounds currently the Glazers aren’t aware of this and used the opportunity and the pandemic to try and find the right moment. Absolute scavengers of the worse kind. They can never be trusted, we knew this but now they have showed their true colours and are also national hate figures.


This is a victory for the legacy fan (again how dare they) and for football. I’ve never seen fans from rival clubs, rival media outlets, rival broadcasters, pundits, players and managers unite like this. They have stirred up anger and emotion in the fan base they could never have imagined nor understand.

Hopefully, I will see some of you outside the Trinity on Saturday.


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  1. Here’s my suggestion, put your money where your mouth is. Follow the example of Barcelona and Real Madrid and become a members owned club. This will give the fans the power to make all the decisions and of course take on the weight of maintaining a top club.
    Looks as though the Glazers will sell for around 4 BILLION quid and it only cost the club approximately 640 million quid to operate in. 2019.
    Do it quickly and then buy Haaland for 130 million quid.
    Decisions, decisions.

    1. Real and Barca are state owned clubs Ricky. I presume you mean the 50+1 rule in the Bundesliga. This will be one of the reform improvements put forward and I know MUST are also talking to the government about this. Im not sure on the legalities though. Do the Glazers sell shares via an official fan ownership model, can the government impose legislation. Time will tell.

      1. Mate, I have been a member for the past 2 years after buying my commitment card and waiting the obligatory 3 years. Barcelona and Real Madrid are fully owned by members.
        So once again, the United fans should follow this example.

        1. Fair enough pal if thats the case. I thought they were funded by the state. Either way we are agreeing on the 50+1 approach anyway.

    2. Buy Haaland, who is owned by an agent who most vociferously praised this filthy plot to take our game further away from us?

      1. Makes you wonder why we were so heavily linked to Haaland. Was it on the back of perceived wind falls from the ESL? I seriously wouldnt put anything past these cockroaches.

  2. As long as Glazers are there don’t buy anything in the ground on match days it them in there pocket

    1. Its going to take more than not buying a few overpriced hotdogs and beers I think mate. We just need to bring consistency not to our opposition of these parasites. The ESL is a totally despicable act with Joel Glazers name all over it, even worse trying to tell us what’s good for the game and fans. I can’t see this dying down this time the outrage has spanned way outside of our club.

  3. One thing we have in this country is a sense of what’s right and justice. – Really England with sense of what’s right and justice… you can tell that to the millions of africans which have been enslaved by your great country with your sense of what’s right and justice 🙂 ESL was in fact disgusting idea, but yet, the idea wansn’t illegal and everyone know UEFA and FIFA are scammers. There are some big problems wit FA, FIFA and EUFA which also contributed to the idea of another league where these mafia guys from FIFA, UEFA and FA would not have any power to do their scams. I saw so many threats, so many specualtions and requests for punishment, but as i said – there wasn’t anything illegal in their ESL – in fact if these 6 clubs didnt withdraw and got punished then it would mean that the democracy doesn’t exist in UK, i didnt saw a single article which explained which EXACTLY law they broke and wont see any because the did’t. These clubs are private property and their owners can do whatever they want with their property as long as they don’t break any laws. For example FA constantly threat players and managers if they give bad comments of the referee, but in democratic country the freedom of speach must be guaranteed. All the threats which we saw were just a threats – if UK goverment deny a working visa to football player from any of these clubs then it is a clear discrimination which is not allower by UK, European and international law. UN have resolution that a group punishment for the acts of the few individuals is also forbidden so make your countadn you will see what a clawn you have for PM and what media you have in UK – not better that these so called “greedy” owners… well the difference is that these owners are actually very rich despite the broke journalists which writing craps which even they do not believe 😉

  4. well its clear you wont put my comment ahead, obviously your comment policy doesn’t include freedom of speach and it’s okay. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if my comment offended you – it wasnt personal – this was just the way i see the things double standards everywhere and people keep claiming they live in democracy and all of that craps, but in fact, noone ever lived in democracy. I saw a lot of publications, but I did’t saw a single one which pointing one law which these clubs broke. And all the threats which came have not any legal value. I’m fan of Man Utd since watch football and I don’t like the owners, however you cannot say the black is white just because you don’t like the owners of the club which you support. And also i cannot understand why you all acting so surprised with ESL proposal, after all it’s nothing new – couple of months ago i saw article about this ESL and the plans for it, i knew their plans and I’m not journalist – so why the jornalists acting like they never heared about it? Anyway have a nice day and please at least try to understand that there are not bad feelings with the author of the article ot the webpage in general

    1. I respect your views but you really dont understand fan culture and Manchester United if you think the ESL is a good idea. The capitalist conatations aside, which I kind of agree with is the way of the world unfortunately. However, this goes way above and beyond that. Its pure greed by fat cat owners trying to take control of our national game.

      These clubs have been supported by generations through familes (son, dad, grandad, great grandad) you really cant understand the emotions and passion here unless you know.

      Also Im not a journalist. Im a simple United fan and season ticket holder who has a passion for writing about my club.

      Take care.

  5. It seems the German model of fan ownership must be the route to go down.The ultimate goal to get them out once and for all and get to grips with Fan ownership.The Leeches will sell at a price that suits them ,which is worrying but the price to get rid of them will be worth it.UTD fans in full voice always makes things good and the protest on Saturday will give us fans the chance to talk to each other and get opinions off each other and meet fellow UTD fans, should be good to catchup! L.U.H.G. 4eva

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