Journalist thinks Glazers could be about to sell Manchester United

What a day of mixed emotions. The hangover from the European Super League news and now Ed Woodward’s resignation.

According to Sky News, Ed Woodward has stepped down as Manchester United executive vice-chairman.

One journalist, who previously worked for Manchester United, thinks the latest developments around the ESL could lead to the Glazers selling the club.

Sam Pilger tweeted: “The Glazers have lost both their front man in Ed Woodward and their ability to cash in with the Super League today. They could be about to finally leave and sell Manchester United. #MUFC”

That would bring joy to every Manchester United fan because of the damage they’ve done to our club.

I wrote earlier about how the football authorities ignored United fans prior to the 2005 takeover, but now I feel they know it was a mistake not to intervene. The question I find myself asking is whether it’s too late now to act?

What if everyone got together — from all clubs — and said enough is enough from these greedy owners trying to completely ruin our game?

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  1. Its time now to see what the club are made of to find a way of getting rid of the Glazer’s ones and for all and finding an owner who would have the clubs best interests at heart. I see Liverpool are putting pressure on their owner to sell and move on . We should be doing the same

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