Florentino Perez insists European Super League will ‘save’ football

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says the European Super League will “save football at this critical moment” and made it very clear players taking part in the breakaway league will not be banned from representing their countries at international level.

Perez’s comments come after 12 European clubs announced plans to join a new tournament that them seem set on starting “as soon as is practicable”.

It was his first time speaking since the announcement, and since we are not expecting to get an interview with Joel Glazer or any of his siblings anytime soon, it’s important to see what the other side are saying about his terrible concept, inspired solely by greed.

The chairman of the European Super League stressed football needs to evolve.

“Whenever there is a change, there are always people who oppose it. We are doing this to save football at this critical moment,” Perez said on Spanish TV show El Chiringuito, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“Audiences are decreasing and rights are decreasing and something had to be done. We are all ruined. Television has to change so we can adapt.

“Young people are no longer interested in football. Why not? Because there are a lot of poor quality games and they are not interested, they have other platforms on which to distract themselves.”

Real Madrid are one of three Spanish teams that are considered Founding Clubs in the European Super League. The others include Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Perez backed up our belief that this is purely about money by stressing that the top teams were losing money, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, so he thinks now is the best time to propose such an idea.

While fans are being forced to stay away? How convenient.

“If we continue with the Champions League there is less and less interest and then it’s over,” he added. “The new format, which starts in 2024 is absurd. In 2024 we are all dead.

“Together we have lost €5billion. In two seasons Madrid have lost €400m.

“When you have no income other than television, you say that the solution is to make more attractive matches that fans from all over the world can see with all the big games, and we came to the conclusion that if instead of having a Champions League we have a Super League we would be able to alleviate what we have lost.”

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