Editorial: Solskjaer caught blindsided by greedy Glazers who disgrace Manchester United

The disease has spread. The Premier League and football authorities ignored us when we warned about the Glazer takeover. They saw the greed across Malcolm Glazer’s face but ignored the fact that the fans would be the ones to pay the heaviest price.

Football as we know it, is in crisis, and until that is resolved then, you will have to forgive us for ignoring the upcoming matches Manchester United have on their schedule. What do they mean when most of the teams in the top four no longer want to be part of the UEFA Champions League?

Greed has been part of football for as long as I can remember. I was a child when the Glazers got their dirty hands on our club, and everything had to be explained to me because I couldn’t understand. The truth is, sixteen years on, I still don’t understand. I don’t understand these people or the lengths they will go to make more money.

How can United’s players and staff, none of whom have had a say in the club’s decision to help form the European Super League, continue when the club went behind their back to sign all the paperwork? Just like us, they have been betrayed.

Our understanding is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was told about the European Super League just before Sunday’s win over Burnley. The manager was caught blindsided in a post-match interview and betrayed by senior figures at the club.

Ultimately, the Glazers are only in it for themselves. They don’t care about Manchester United or Manchester.

The insensitive timing around the announcement is a slap in the face to everyone.

To come out with this during the middle of a global pandemic when there’s no fans and people are already suffering physiologically, physically and economically is a disgrace. The Founding Clubs are trying to ruin everything at a time those who truly love the game are being forced to stay away.

However, that wasn’t the case at Elland Road last night as Leeds United fans took it upon themselves to call out Liverpool for their greed. I hope every club we play for the remainder of the season makes us feel the same way.

Supporters group Stretford End Flags are considering removing all their flags and banners from Old Trafford in protest at the ESL plans. United’s next home match is against Roma in the Europa League semi-final on Thursday, 29 April.

The Busby Babes died trying to win the European Cup. The Glazers want to ditch that competition in the name of profit. There’s where we are as a ‘football club’ today.

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  1. As a itd fan for over 50 years im appalled at the decision to join the esl, i gave up my season ticket shortly after the treble win in 99. I only did this as i had seen utd go as far as you can in domestic football and wanted someone else to experience what i had in the previous 15 years. While in munich we visited the sight whete the plane had come down and was left in tears, How the greedy yanks could literally take our history away from true fans and ruin our club just for more money is disgusting and absurd. If this goes ahead then something that i had never ever thought would happen will happen, I wont be supporting utd ever again. I hope there are thousands of other utd fans that feel the same way cos no matter what they think , as sir matt said football is nothing without fans. yours faithfully scott hannem.

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