Ed Woodward resigns as Man United Chairman after humiliating withdrawal from the ESL

There may have been a worrying few days where a lot of “legacy fans” wondered if they still had a voice of an impact on the game, but the events of this evening demonstrate that they absolutely do.

It’s been confirmed that United are one of the founder members of the ESL who are now attempting to backtrack on that announcement by withdrawing from the agreement.

The thing to remember here is that the withdrawal is purely a starting point for the fall-out rather than anything that will come remotely close to closing this chapter in the club’s history.

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Ultimately some senior figures were going to have to pay the price for this, and at least we’ve been spared the embarrassment of Ed Woodward trying to squirm his way out of taking responsibility after it’s been reported that he has resigned from the club:

Time will tell if the owners also end up going in a similar direction or if this is an attempt to pin all the blame on him, but they need to be realistic and accept that a clean slate may be needed.

A lot of fans will never forgive those who were behind this attempt and there will be fears that something similar is attempted if owners feel they’ve managed to get away with this, but Woodward going is a good start.

It’s been a team effort between the fans using their voice and the players taking a stand and speaking out too, but at least we can start to feel like football still has some of its soul left.

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  1. Great news and we can raise a glass to Ed falling on his sword, we now need the GLAZERS to sell up and get the xxxx out of MUFC.

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