Manchester United chiefs brazenly confident they won’t be kicked out of Premier League

Manchester United – along with a list of other football clubs turned commercial cash cows – have agreed to join the European Super League.

Reports have surfaced suggesting United chiefs do not believe the Premier League has the nerve to ban them and fellow greedy Super League clubs.

According to the Mirror, United view the Premier League’s threat to expel those teams who have formed the breakaway European Super League as a hollow one that is not legally enforceable.

The belief at Old Trafford is that the Premier League would not survive without its biggest clubs. It’s a brazen approach from the club and one I find extremely arrogant.

“What would the Premier League look like without those six clubs next season?”, one source told the Mirror when asked about the Premier League’s threat to band clubs who join the European Super League.

It’s also said that the six English clubs involved are confident they can push ahead with the ESL and still retain their domestic quest in the Premier League.

The club’s stance is a worry one.

Figures at our club apparently believe the ESL will be a significant upgrade on the current Champions League format, only because it will help line their pockets. For instance, the founding members of the ESL are promising £10b in solidarity payments.

You can see the pull factor and it’s only a matter of time before more clubs join the list.

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  1. Can you imagine the Stretford End half empty and the rest of the ground with thousands of empty seats,hows that gonna look on TV Ed?

  2. Sorry and i know its not utd fans but if it goes ahead they will be thrown out. The public will not stand for it .

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