(Video) “They are scavengers”: Gary Neville wants Glazers ‘booting out’ of Manchester United

Gary Neville has described Manchester United’s Glazer owners as ‘scavengers’ who need ‘booting out’ of the club.

The Glazers have been leading figures in United’s involvement in a breakaway European Super League that involves 12 founding clubs starting a new midweek competition.

Joel Glazer, who has been radio silent since the toxic leveraged takeover in 2005, described how the proposed league will ‘open a new chapter for European football’ in an official statement on the club’s website. 

The news of the Super League has shook English football to its core, with feelings of shame, outrage and disillusion rife between United supporters and fanbases across the world.

Football could be changed forever through self-interest of 12 greedy owners who can now be known as the ‘dirty dozen’.

Neville admits that he feels slightly complicit in this ‘attack on football’ by billionaire owners after staying quiet about his thoughts on the Glazer ownership.

The United great has finally spoken out on the Glazers this evening in a fascinating watch on Sky’s Monday Night Football.

He says they have stepped over the mark, are scavengers and need booting out of the club and country. He also urges football supporters to come together and do everything they can to stop this abhorrence.

Listen to Neville’s impassioned statement on United’s Glazer ownership below. Footage courtesy of Sky Sports. 

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