(Video) Solskjaer’s reaction to Man Utd involvement in European Super League proposal

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that he got the news regarding Manchester United supporting European Super League proposals on the morning of the victory against Burnley.

United defeated the Clarets 3-1 at Old Trafford, but the game was marred by the distraction of news of a scandalous proposal that could change English football as we know it forever.

As per The Times, England’s top six clubs United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City have all agreed to proposals to break away and join a new 12-team competition to challenge UEFA’s new 36-team Champions League format.

The news has caused condemnation across Europe from governing bodies, supporters and pundits alike.

Solskjaer was inevitably asked about the huge breaking story in his post-match interview with Sky Sports and insisted that his focus has only been on the Burnley fixture after learning the news in the morning.

The United manager said he will sit down and have a look at the plans and said the club will make a comment regarding the proposals later.

Listen to Solskjaer’s reaction post-match below. Footage courtesy of Sky Sports. 

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  1. Garys Rant will have been seen in virtually every country around the Globe and every single word was true, shame on the Glazers(Leeches)The Russians and Arabs etc,arrogant Pxxxxs the lot of them,its a non starter and it will not be a League ever, because the fans wont let it, Jesus,the Glazers suck enough of our hard earned cash out of MUFC as it is.Bayern and PSG have to say no too! and the rest come to that, well said Gary in front of MUFC mcfc lfc cfc afc and thfc fans galore,the game and its integrity will not be sullied be greedy Billionares and scoundrels !!

  2. OLE was blindsided and wasnt going to slag his employer off was he? Hes in a tricky position but must have his say, bloody hell were not that far behind cITY are we?were in a Pandemic and all these Idiots can think about is Lear Jets, floating knocking”shops and how much they can Rip US fans off ! Absurd Poo to them !!

  3. if the super league goes through which player in there mind would want to join as they would not be able to play for there national side

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