Robbie Savage believes son Charlie will face tough obstacles at Manchester United

Robbie Savage has published a touching open letter to his son, Charlie, after the 17-year-old signed his first professional contract with Manchester United on Friday.

Speak to any Red and ask them what they think about Savage. It will be mostly negative, though he did come through our academy with a crop of extremely talented footballers. More importantly, I must add, that anyone who actually knows Savage will give a positive account.

Member of the club’s famous Class of ’92, Savage Sr. was inspired to write an open letter after receiving a letter his own father had written to him years before when he left to join United as a youngster.

Can you imagine Charlie’s face opening the Mirror this morning?

“Sometimes feelings are the most important things to put into words,” wrote Savage, who had his open letter published in Saturday’s edition of the Mirror, “so I thought I would do something different, something you would probably never expect of me… and write you a letter.

“Not because you need me to remind you of how precious you are, but maybe to highlight that you can be anything you ever want to be, regardless of what anyone says; and that I am here for you.”

Charlie was warned in the public open letter that things may be made a bit more difficult for him due to his Dad’s public profile. He’s probably right which is a shame. Savage failed to make the breakthrough into United’s first-team squad, but that didn’t stop him having a lengthy career in the top-flight.

“Yes, the journey will be paved with difficult obstacles for you as my son,” he added, “and it could just be because I’ve been in the media spotlight for so long.

“As much as I (and so many other achieving individuals, men and women) are trying to remove these, by doing things like creating the Savage Foundation, I know the reality is that it will probably not change in my lifetime.

“However, try and face the difficulties head on, challenge those who are not fair and always be fair and truthful in what you do. Believe in your capabilities, knowledge and experiences. Never feel like an imposter or allow anyone to make you feel like one.”

We would like to wish young Charlie the best at United – and we’ll support him like we do with every other player who wears the shirt.

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