Daniel James denies bizarre claim he was a big Liverpool fan by Sky Sports pundit

Daniel James has denied claims from Jim White that he was a ‘big’ Liverpool before making a dream move to Manchester United.

James moved to United from Championship side Swansea City in June 2019 after a transfer to Leeds fell through just six months earlier.

The Welsh winger made a blistering start to his United career but his form tailed off towards the end of last season.

However, he has become a more regular fixture in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side in the second-half of this campaign with United still without an elite option on the right side attack.

James’ transfer to United raised his profile exponentially and one comment before his switch has particularly stuck in his mind.

“When I signed for United, I can’t remember who it was, one of the Sky Sports [pundits] said: ‘he supports Liverpool’,” James told ManUtd.com.

“I was thinking I don’t support Liverpool, but I never wanted to come out and say I supported Chelsea as a youngster.

“When I started playing for Swansea it [Chelsea] was the team I followed, but you don’t end up supporting them really. 

“I used to look at their players when I was younger – [Eden] Hazard, [Juan] Mata and [Didier] Drogba – and they were players that I loved. You kind of grow out of that.”

James’ revelation that he actually followed Chelsea growing up was in response to White’s claim that he was a big supporter of United’s bitterest rivals.

White noted that the young forward had been recommended by Wales boss Giggs but suggested his affiliation to Liverpool may have drawn him to Anfield.

“Swansea City have got this lad Daniel James, very impressive youngster,’ White said when discussing the imminent transfer,” White said at the time, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“It’s my understanding this morning five of the top six, all apart from Manchester City, have enquired about Daniel James at Swansea.

“He was actually recommended to Manchester United by Ryan Giggs. He’s a kid but he’s got a pedigree already.

“But he’s a big Liverpool fan and I wonder, are we going to see this kid Daniel James heading towards Liverpool?

“So if the news wasn’t great for Liverpool, it might even get better very soon.” 

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