Avram Glazer announces sale of over £70m worth of Manchester United shares

It seems like I woke up hungover after Harry Maguire and Daniel James’ missed chances against AC Milan on Thursday night, made worse by conceding a stoppage time equalizer.

However, that’s probably not the worst news you will read on Manchester United this week.

An array of reports, including this one from the Telegraph, note that Avram Glazer is selling five million shares in the club which will net around £100m, which is a mere valuation amounting to approximately £70m based on the latest stock figures.

But United won’t see a penny of that.

More reasons as to why we will never accept the Glazer ownership because it’s another example of how each of them will try to drain our club dry

At a time when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could do with significant funds to take his side forward towards a title challenge, the Glazers once again are too busy lining their pockets.

Nothing surprises us with the Glazer family.

This week they were delighted by the media leaks following John Murtough and Darren Fletcher’s announcement. It may have shown that the club is willing to sit down and sort out and football side of things.

Manchester United. Are we more than a commercial cash cow?

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  1. Once again the glazers use the bank of mufc to there advantage, will they ever go that is now the dream,meanwhile the club soldier on.I live in hope that someone out there has the money to get them out.

    1. Man Utd were built on Premiership money… Ever since they went on the stock market back in 1991…what dya expect?

  2. Another absolute disgrace. In the very week the club do something right with the development of roles for John Murtough and Darren Fletcher the owners do this.

    It’s a disgrace. They don’t care about what we think and will happily leave poor old Ed (never thought I would say that!) to take the flak.

    We are simply a revenue stream to them and they will never invest anything more than the required minimum to keep the Gravy Train rolling.

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