McTominay: Abuse of Tuanzebe is a disgrace

No room for racism.

Scott McTominay has condemned the racist abuse his Manchester United team-mate Axel Tuanzebe has had to endure on social media over recent weeks.

“It’s a disgrace and that’s the type of people who are on social media saying the things that they’re saying at this moment in time,” McTominay told United’s official website.

“Honestly, it makes me feel sick, coming in seeing Axel the next day after the game.

“But I feel like it’s an absolutely shambles and that’s somebody, one of my brothers who I’ve grown up with for a long, long time now, and to see that happen to him is absolutely disgusting.”

Several players in the Premier League have been subject to racist abuse on social media and McTominay cannot understand why someone’s race and ethnicity should be mentioned.

“I just don’t even think about the situation with people having different ethnic backgrounds,” he said. “I just never would say, I’m white, Axel’s black.’ How are we any different? It’s exactly the same.

“But I feel like now we are getting to the awareness which it needs to have, because these are my brothers who I’ve played with for years and years, and to see it happening is a shambles. It’s a disgrace.”

Until the big tech giants wake up and tackle abuse properly on their platforms, it’s hard to see change because social media has become a hole for negativity.

Axel Tuanzebe has struggled to get into the team this season, but for someone to go out of there way to abuse him online after a performance is utterly embarrassing.

We should be supporting our players through thick and thin. No exceptions unless they disrespect the badge on their chest.

Football has no place for racism. Society shouldn’t either.

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