Strettycast #95 – Ben Thornley – Class of 92 interview

We are delighted to have had former Manchester United player Ben Thornley on the Strettycast as a special guest this week.

Thornley was on the cusp of the first-team when a devastating knee injury destroyed his chances of being a top player. He shined amongst the Class of 92 and those who had the pleasure of playing with Thornley through the ranks will all boast about his ability as a footballer.

Nowadays he works for MUTV, so he respect him giving his time this morning as well as the fact he was happy to open up on several topics.

Both of us are feeling optimistic about things at the moment, although it’s important to note how this side must learn to make more of the big occasions. The players are good enough to beat Arsenal, don’t get me started on Sheffield United.

Anyhow, put up your feet and stick on a brew. The podcast runs just over 40 minutes and we hope it’s worth your time. Thornley was an excellent guest and we’d also like to thank those who submitted questions for the interview.

Thanks again for reaching out and sending your feedback on the podcast and questions to

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