Video: Match of the Day prove ball went out of play prior to Pogba’s equaliser v West Ham

ICYMI: Match of the Day footage was able to prove that the ball did in fact go out of play leading up to Paul Pogba’s equalising goal against West Ham on Saturday.

It takes nothing away from Paul Pogba’s tremendous strike which put United in a position to come back from behind and win the game 3-1.

David Moyes was visibly upset on the touchline and we can see why, so it’s a good thing we won by a two-goal margin… otherwise I can only imagine what bile he would’ve spouted after the match.

The days he spoke about aspiring to be as good as Man City whilst in charge of United has stained my view of Moyesy (via Sky Sports), not to mention the dire football we were subject to under his management.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, however, inadvertently admitted the ball went out of play in his post-match press conference.

But BBC’s Match of the Day took some delight in proving Moyes right on Saturday night.

Still, I don’t think it will make Moyes feel any better about yesterday’s game.

Pictures via BBC

I think I’m enjoying the fact this happened to a team managed by Moyes way too much! 👀😂

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  1. Out or not, Wes Ham only have themselvesto blamen for this defeat. They could and should have been at least 3:0 upbefore Pogba scored! United’s goal was always comming. Moyes is just using this as a pathetic exucce for his strikers incompetence.

  2. Match of the day joke about placing the ball there to placate David Moyes but what happened to David Moyes, the assistant ref’, the stewards etc the whole video is bullsh*t you still see the touchline the grass but no people?

  3. I just came here to comment and saw George’s. Same thing really although concluding the game would have been over if West Ham had scored more in the first half is not conclusive with the strange way United perform this season. Last week a strong first half Southampton Performance….2-0 up and United looking short of ideas….and then completely turned around in second half. I think United would have won this in any event….missed their own chances too remember…but they had the momentum and the goals were coming. Now f it had been at Old Trafford…..??

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