Erling Haaland’s father makes Manchester United declaration

Erling Haaland to Manchester United one day? Maybe…

Erling Haaland’s looks the real deal currently plying his goalscoring trade in the Bundesliga, but there’s been non-stop talk about the young Norwegian prodigy since he burst onto the scene for Red Bull Salzburg last season.

There was a race to sign him which dragged on for some time until Borussia Dortmund reached an agreement last January to sign the striker.

Haaland hit the ground running in Germany, and if it wasn’t for the outstanding Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich, I would say he is the best striker in the Bundesliga. There’s no debate to be had on that.

However, Haaland made it clear last September that a dream of his is to play in the Premier League, speaking to TV2.

“I have dreamed of playing for the best clubs in the world my whole life, and I especially like English football.”

His father Alf-Inge Haaland, formerly of Leeds United and Man City, has now offered more insight into the thoughts of his son, who is already one of Europe’s leading goalscorers.

“When you play well, it’s only logical that big clubs knock on your door, but we’re talking about speculation here,” he told SPORT1 (quotes via Marca).

“At the moment it’s not in Erling’s or my head that another club will be vying for him.

“We signed a long contract with Dortmund and they have a fantastic team for Erling right now. We don’t want to look any further ahead.

“You never know what will happen. We haven’t talked about such a step yet. I think we would like to win some trophies with Dortmund. That is his goal.

“Erling can still achieve a lot in Germany and make great progress. Moving abroad is not a priority for us.

“I sometimes think he wants to and can asset himself in any league. At the moment, he is happy in the Bundesliga and focused on Dortmund.

“He just wants to be a better player and doesn’t look too far ahead.”

He went on to give a positive assessment of Manchester United – because they’re a look Haaland and his people know are likely to show an interest.

“Manchester United have achieved great success in recent years,” Alfe-Inge added.

“The club is also trying to build something new there. But to draw this comparison now is not so easy because he is already playing in Dortmund.

“These are two very traditional clubs with a large fan base and a glorious history.

“Man United is a very proud club, just like Dortmund in Germany. And Dortmund want to beat FC Bayern [Munich] soon, that’s the clear club.

“We have to catch up to them. Erling wants to cling to this goal.”

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