Bigmouth Strikes Again: Paul Pogba disrespects Manchester United on international duty

The biggest problem with Paul Pogba is that he, quite clearly, only listens to people who pay him compliments. While away on international duty he decided to air his negative views on Manchester United again while heaping praise on the France national team.

Pogba says he is currently going through the most difficult spell of his career due to concerns over his playing time at United. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has dropped the 27-year-old on a number of occasions this season but not enough as his performances have been well below par.

France lost 2-0 against Finland at the beginning of the November internationals, ending the World Champions’ 12-match unbeaten run, and Pogba was below average again. They beat Portugal on Saturday night and his performance was far from spectacular. How convenient for him to ignore that — and use an interview while away with France to slag off his employers…

He’s still made 10 appearances across the Premier League and Champions League for the Red Devils, but only made the starting XI on five of those occasions. That is quite a fall from grace when you consider how so many people are of the opinion that Pogba is one of the best midfielders in the world, despite the fact he has so rarely backed up those claims in a United shirt.

United sit 14th in the Premier League table but that is not Pogba’s fault. Winning football matches is a collective effort but I am beginning to feel that the Frenchman is a hindrance at Old Trafford.

Pogba played a part in France’s Nations League win over Portugal on Saturday night, and he admits that he is relieved to be with the national team as it has given him a break from his problems at Old Trafford.

“I had never known such a difficult period in my career,” Pogba told RTL (H/t Fabrizio Romano).

“The France team is a breath of fresh air, the group is exceptional, it’s magic.”

Big mouth strikes again

The last time Pogba went on international duty he was quoted by The Guardian as saying it would be a ‘dream’ to play for Real Madrid. We acknowledge that is the ultimate dream for most footballers, but Pogba is one of United’s highest earners and his lack of respect for the club is insulting.

I have defended Pogba many times over the years, however, he has long crossed the line.

Go check if Real Madrid want you in January…

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  1. Who is to blame?. The team coach is out of it. He seems to be affraid of his big boys. Trust jose Mourihno pogba is out frm the back door. He’s never commited with his altitude.
    Can Ole sanction his sales this January?.

    1. Pogba wants to run the show but he isn’t committed enough. Away with him. United got better boys with positive attitude.

  2. I’ve thought he was shit the first time I saw him. I seriously don’t even consider him a £10 million pound signing. Maybe, maybe on a free transfer if I need a bench warmer. But there is no statistic anyone can point to that would suggest he is any better than your average player.

    Get rid of this expensive piece of crap, Ole!

  3. Time pogba left United hes proved nothing since he arrived to many people telling him hes great your only as good as your last game medals mean nothing if you dont perform week in week out not when you fell like it

  4. Pogba is a big player on paper,not on the pitch. Maybe he forgets that the team does well when he’s benched. At least the coach didn’t send him to concede Arsenal’s penalty. His performance in France’s last two games are “rotten breath”,not “breath of fresh air”. Which of the international team mates performs as woeful as he does? Let Pogba find out. He’s 27,he will soon be out. My concern is Ole who seems unable to act like his former boss SIR ALEY FERGUSON. Away with thd stuf called Pogba.

    1. A good footballer talks with his feet not his mouth. Did you ever hear the Ronaldo’s talk this much to the media, Samuel Eto, Messi just to mention a few. He should be benched if he is not fit as deemed by the coach until they decide to sell him.

  5. This dumb fuck always has something to say when he goes on international duty. If it’s not his agent saying Man United Would ruin Pele, Maradona and Maldini, it’s him talking up his dream Madrid move. And now it’s a breath of fresh air! In all my life I’ve never seen a player disrespect Man United the way this guy has consistently. If only Ole can do the needful.

    1. Alex Ferguson got rid of him and he knew a sack of feathers when he saw one, in the world cup people said he was one of the best players are they blind, lazy, lacks control, no vision, not a team player, but first you have to get rid of spongers the Glaziers, get rid of the negativity Woodward, then remove pogba take the hit will work out in the long run, but no Ole will take the hit, these people are destroying Man Utd for there own gain pogba for jerseys soon they won’t be worth a toss remember Ferguson he came good given the oppoetunity

  6. Hi all alex Ferguson sold him he saw he was a bad egg is negativity rubs on the whole squad alex saw it why he was sold .ole I believe doing a great job since alex had the realm .ole has man united in his blood and worked under alex knows what man united is all about attack but we are missing a nemanja or gary pallister to partner harry maguire.I think jan or summer pogba will be gone and im sure ole has other ideas who can be put in that area .lindelof I think is good but uou get a run at him he is slow to re act thats my opinion im been watching ,supporting man utd since I was six love them to bits and im happy the way ole taken this team

  7. Alex Ferguson did not sell him, he was out of contract and turned down repeated offers from United, so went to Juve on a free. At the time i was disappointed because I had watched him in youth and under 23 teams and thought what a player, why has the club not bent over backwards to keep him, but obviously Alex saw something in him that was not acceptable in terms of his commitment.

  8. Time to sell Pogba.He is not committed to Utd in any sense and should be allowed to play wherever he feels his talents warrant any sort of display. Give me Fred any day of the week over this guy, he has a no loyalty and drags the team down with him. Donny van der Beek deserves to play but this guy is keeping him out of the team in the hope that he will string something together. Utd never should have brought Pogba back.Tiime to cut our losses.

  9. Should have been got rid of a long time ago . The amount United fans who still defend this over rated clown is unbelievable.

  10. I never liked de guy.. Too arrogant for a united player. No loyalty, no commitment at all.. Get rid of de clown Pogba, he doesn’t deserve to be a reds! Ole is weak, just hope he can man up and let him go.. Never knew what de saw in him in de 1st place.. We need trophies big mouth clowns like Pogba…!!!

  11. In all fairness he’s been misquoted here. That’s just a couple of bits from a longer quote thrown together. Surprised Romano tweeted that.

  12. UNITED plays better without this clown, ever since he came back has proved nothing just blabbing and performs below par week in week out, Its high time Ole should boot him out for free in Jan, Mourinho wouldnt tolerate this shit!

  13. Never disrespect Paul Pogba like this
    I am disappointed in what I am reading as he did play well against Portugal so stop spreading lies

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