Uruguay coach hints at Edinson Cavani injury concern

Is Edinson Cavani ready to start games for Manchester United?

We briefly touched on that in the latest podcast after the Uruguayan scored his first goal for United in last week’s 3-1 win over Everton.

He is currently away on international duty and Uruguay boss Celso Otero has suggested the striker is still not fully fit to last an entire match.

“He is able to play with the same generosity that he has always done,” Otero told Marca Claro.

“I think no one can say how many minutes he can play, we’ll see it from the moment he participates in the game, although it may be unknown if it’s from the beginning or coming in. We’ll see how much of what he usually does he can do right.”

I’m excited as the next man about Cavani reaching full match sharpness.

We’ve seen the runs he makes and how the players around him are still coming to terms with him being their new teammate, but once things click my pessimism could quickly turn to optimism.

A story in El Matador, a biography of the player by Romain Molina (available via Amazon), shows exactly what kind of person Cavani is, and it backs up with Otero said about his generosity.

“One day, he did a photo shoot for Hugo Boss, who is a partner of PSG,” the extract reads.

“At the end of the shoot, Cavani asks for the Terence of a costume he likes. The photographer tells him he can take it, a brand manager confirms it.

“But Cavani refuses, explaining that he earns a lot of money and that he does not need to be given a gift. He just wanted to know the reference to buy the same one.

“He took two and at Hugo Boss, it was the first time we saw a PSG player do that. It’s a little trick. But there is only Cavani who does that.”

We hope to see Cavani starting games for United soon but I hope he doesn’t feature too much while away with his national team. It’s important we get him back without any injuries, knocks or virus.

I’m sure he can bring the same class to the pitch for United.

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