Photo: Manchester United see massive rise in share price following breakthrough in COVID-19 vaccine research

Manchester United saw a massive rise in share prices following reports on the breakthrough in the COVID-19 vaccine research.

This trend on the stock market will bring positive news for other football clubs too, but according to KPMG Football Benchmark, United’s shares rose by 9% allegedly adding £225m to the club’s value.

Sadly we could discuss the value of Manchester United until the cows come home, but realistically nobody seems interested in buying the club nor do the Glazers want to sell.

KPMG Football Benchmark add that clubs such as Juventus and Borussia Dortmund have confirmed this trend.

It’s not money we are likely to see spent in the transfer market or surfacing Old Trafford, and will sit closer to Tampa than it will Manchester, because the Glazers have only ever used this club as their commercial cash cow.

Hopefully they use some money to sign a top centre-back next summer.

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