(Video) Unearthed footage shows Seamus Coleman’s shocking expletive outburst aimed at Harry Maguire

Footage has emerged showing Everton full-back Seamus Coleman launching a shocking verbal attack on Manchester United captain Harry Maguire after the defender clashed with keeper Jordan Pickford in yesterday’s match.

Yesterday’s Premier League match saw United cruise to a 3-1 victory over Carlo Ancelotti’s men, but one of the game’s biggest talking points was whether or not the Reds should have been awarded a second-half penalty.

Maguire and Pickford were embroiled in a contentious penalty decision after Everton’s shot-stopped came hurtling out and clattered into the United captain.

Whilst grounded and recovering from Pickford’s savage challenge, right-back Coleman took the time to hover over Maguire and call him a “you *beep* diving *beep*”

Bit harsh from the Irish defender here, to say the least.

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports

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  1. What a disgustingly biased article!!! There is a clear agenda against Pickford and Everton No other club gets this sort of reporting It’s been clearly shown that Maguire deliberately pushed Pickford in mid air and he admitted it after the match !!! Really dangerous in that setting Who else gets the comments between players reported? That happens multiple times in a match Never seen it reported in that context Ridiculous and a bit sinister

  2. Yawn – yet another ‘lets all have a go at Pickford’ rant using Seamus to introduce it. Leave it alone – we’re all bored and you are part of the Problem with all the Pickford bully boy tactics of the press

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