Maguire hits back after Frank Lampard’s ‘headlock’ comments

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard was annoyed when his side weren’t awarded a penalty in last weekend’s 0-0 draw with Manchester United after Harry Maguire alleged foul on Cesar Azpilicueta went unpunished.

Harry Maguire has hit back at Lampard after he accused the United captain of getting Azpilicueta in a “headlock”.

Lampard was understandably upset his side didn’t get a penalty for what looked a blatant foul, but the referee didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and VAR surprisingly didn’t intervene.

Maguire had his hands around Azpilicueta in attempt to win the ball inside United’s penalty area.

Lampard blasted the decision – telling Match of the Day (via the Mirror) how he believes a single check would have changed the referee’s mind: “Holding is allowed, but headlocks don’t go on. I don’t know why VAR didn’t take long and there’s also a monitor to look at. I think if the referee goes to the monitor he gives a penalty.”

Incidents like this happen in football every week and Lampard doesn’t need reminding that some weeks decisions go your way and others they don’t.

There is little point bemoaning the fact there’s no consistency when it comes to officiating, so until VAR is in order there will be anger and frustration surrounding decisions. It will probably always be the case.

Maguire has issued a subtle response via Maguire’s official Instagram Story.

The picture shows Chelsea defender Reece James holding Maguire around the waist. The challenge in question also went under the radar, though Lampard didn’t think to mention it in his post-match press conference which is rather convenient to say the least.

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  1. Maybe Lampard didn’t see that one, like most of us. Oh I see this is a manc website so of course you’d be biased. Despite all this, Maguire has made it a habit of cheating against Chelsea and getting away with it.

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