Rashford hits back at Matt Hancock’s recent Prime Minister communication comments

A political correspondent at BBC News tweeted quotes from Sectary of State Matt Hancock this morning confirming that there had been communication made between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford.

What Jonathan Blake didn’t expect was Rashford to respond to his tweet — throwing the quotes into a fresh media storm for the UK Government to deal with.

I commend Rashford on pressuring the government for the greater good of people living in the UK. We cannot see children go hungry and it’s telling that this government has already made the decision not to provide free school meals over the holidays in England.

Labour threatens to push for another Commons vote and a lot of people are calling for a U-turn, as per BBC — including Rashford, who successfully used his platform to push for one back in June.

Whatever your political beliefs, providing vulnerable children with meals should be the top of every country’s list.

In response to Hancock’s comments, Rashford tweeted: “Hmm, unless he’s referring to the call we had following the u-turn in June?…”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what has happened here.

Hancock is factually correct saying there’s been contact between Rashford and Johnson, but it’s not been in light of events the past week.

He communicates like a greedy child and is not too dissimilar to Donald Trump being blinded by his own disillusion.

Remember all of this the next time there’s elections.

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  1. As a Manchester United supporter and club member I’m disgusted that politics has taken over from winning matches. I can understand that players being paid hundreds of thousands a week feel guilty facing the fact that a large number of people are in need. Trying to bankrupt the country is not the answer.

    1. Marcus Rashford has helped raise over £20m for charity. What are you talking about? Your vague bickering at ‘politics’ is ridiculous. Equally ridiculous as someone who downplays the seriousness of child poverty. On top of that, we decided to run the story so maybe I could take some of the flack here rather than Rashford.

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