Former Premier League referee slams VAR official for not giving Chelsea penalty against Maguire

VAR seems to be becoming a worse issue on a weekly basis and former Premier League referee Mark Halsey doesn’t sound happy over a penalty call from Saturday’s clash between Manchester United and Chelsea.

Many pundits put forward the argument that introducing VAR to the Premier League would help lessen controversy that has always surrounded the biggest incidents in our game.

If you are being truthful about the situation you will see it has done anything but… And if there’s a chance it will work one day, we are a million miles away from reaching that point.

On Saturday evening, Chelsea were denied a penalty when Manchester United’s Harry Maguire climbed all over Cesar Azpilicueta inside the box. Our skipper stopped the Spaniard from getting any sort of contact on the ball in a potential goalscoring moment.

With on pitch referee Martin Atkinson not blowing for the infringement, I thought were in trouble because VAR was bound to pick it up. Expect it didn’t.

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey didn’t sound too happy about the situation when asked by Caught Offside.

“I thought Chelsea were denied a clear penalty when Harry Maguire was guilty of a holding offence on Azpilicueta,” Halsey said.

“I understand why it was difficult for Martin Atkinson to see the incident with perhaps players blocking his view, but I do not understand why VAR official, Stuart Attwell, has not recommended a review.

“In my opinion, it’s a clear and obvious error by the on-field referee.”

Time and time again we are seeing these incidents cause debate in the press, and it doesn’t help VAR that those in charge can’t seem to do their jobs properly.

Next week it could be us done without a blatant penalty. This time we are relaxed about it.

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  1. why VAR and referee denied Chelsea penalty or because of man united, and why VAR and referee given man united penalty and they win the games

    1. Did you see the virtually identical challenge from Reece James on Harry Maguire later in the game?

  2. I guess the var is a man United supporter because if it were Chelsea defender climb Marcus Rashford the referee must award a penalty that’s really preposterous, is not fare and also Is not good for the game.
    VAR should not be a sentimental instrument but an appeal instrument that must be listened.
    Finally, the FA should help Man United to improve bcos if they do such in Europe they will be purnished. VAR is showing weakness and favoritism.

  3. man united or better called “VAR united” have always been on the advantage. It usually get me frustrated and wanting never to watch the English premier league again but I can’t do otherwise.

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