Manchester United youngster has himself to blame for increased media scrutiny, says Simon Jordan

Manchester United youngster Mason Greenwood only has himself to blame for the increased media attention surrounding his every move, says radio host Simon Jordan.

The outspoken pundit has slammed the 19-year-old’s behaviour during his first senior international break with England. The argument he puts forward has ‘opened the door’ to added scrutiny on his career.

Although we don’t want to see Greenwood bullied by the press, it’s time he faces responsibility.

That doesn’t excuse the bullying we saw in the press when The Sun suddenly felt the need to leak historic clips of the United academy graduate inhaling nitrous oxide from a canister.

Simon Jordan’s comments come following claims via Sky Sports that Greenwood has held talks with United over disciplinary issues.

The youngster’s timekeeping is said to be an issue.

“The challenge here is that this kid has opened the door now by the stupid, absurd and ridiculous behaviour when he went away on England duty,” the former Crystal Palace owner said on Thursday’s White and Jordan show with Jim White via talkSPORT.

“He’s opened the door and it’s open season now on him, and anything that would be found on him will be found and put into the public domain to illustrate a certain type of creed and culture.

“You have to ask the question; it does take an inordinate amount of application, discipline, respect and innate ability to play for Manchester United at 19 years of age, be in their first-team and be considered to be part and parcel of the roster of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“So you look at that and think, you had all the discipline and cultural understanding of what it takes to be a Man United player, to get into a position to be a professional footballer for one of the biggest clubs in the world – where are the wheels coming off?

“Are they coming off, or is it over-embellishment?

“I believe that what happened in Reykjavik was an atrocity… and I know that’s a bit of a dramatic statement but, in football terms, it is.

“And you get bleeding hearts, and I’d say it to Trevor Sinclair if he were here, sitting there and saying ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘it’s the way of the world’ etc…

“But it’s two boys going away on international duty that cannot behave themselves!

“Getting two birds back to their hotel is bad enough in the first place, but in a COVID-19 landscape?! Whether you agree with the COVID-19 principles is irrelevant, those are the rules you’re supposed to abide by.

“How do you not understand that when you play for your country you have to behave, for Christ’s sake?!”

Greenwood must learn now and he’s done it the hard way. People will forget he’s just a kid being thrown into the public domain for the first time as far as anything negative is concerned, but with Solskjaer at the wheel there’s a manager who will support him.

How many 19-year-olds out there have a chance to play for Manchester United?

Sort out your timekeeping!!!

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