Paul Pogba hates new role at Manchester United

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba reportedly ‘hates’ playing in a more withdrawn position.

Whispers of unrest in the camp have done the rounds these past two weeks — since the 6-1 defeat against Tottenham at Old Trafford.

For instance, Bruno Fernandes added to his comments addressing speculation that he has fallen out with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. A report from the Mirror on the matter was echoed by The Athletic, but Fernandes denies the story and has called it a ‘lie’.

He recently told Sport TV (via A Bola): “There’s been a lot of speculation about that.

“First it was a discussion with team-mates, as it did not stick, it was a discussion with only one team-mate [Victor Lindelof], as it did not stick now, it is the discussion with Solskjaer.

“I believe it is a way to destabilise the group. What was said is in no way true.

“I was replaced at half-time, it is true, by technical option. The coach told me that the game was almost over and that we would have a lot of games ahead of us. Got it. I was not satisfied but said nothing that could harm the group.

“Do not use my name, my colleagues or the coach to make trouble at Manchester United.

“The atmosphere is good and the team is ready to give an answer in the next game.”

The Portuguese Magnifico went a step further to defend his manager, who is under a lot of pressure amid claims United have began sounding out Mauricio Pochettino, as per The Independent.

Esporte Interactivo reporter Arthur Quezeda released footage showing Fernandes speaking about the United camp for a second time!

It translates: “Obviously for me it’s very ugly to see my name associated with this because it’s a lie.

“I talked to my coach and said I was going to defend him publicly, because he knows how much I appreciate him. And I’m very grateful, because he bet on me, he wanted me at Manchester, and at no time am I dissastlisied with his tactics.

“Because the way we play is the same as when I arrived. Why would I be dissatisfied at that moment and six months ago, for example, I wasn’t?

“If anyone wants to cause a conflict within Manchester it’s not me nor any teammate, they are outsiders, they want to create a bad atmosphere in the dressing room and they will not succeed, because the group is united and is focused on giving an important answer already in Newcastle.”

However, Pogba doesn’t play down negative stories surrounding United. He prefers to add fuel to the fire.

The French World Cup-winner did nothing to help keep his profile low after he spoke about potentially joining Real Madrid whilst on international duty, just days after United’s 6-1 defeat, as per Sky Sports.

Solskjaer responded to those claims earlier, as per Manchester Evening News, saying: “Paul’s our player. He’s going to be here for another two years and I’m sure Paul is focused on doing his best for us and we want to see the best of Paul. I’m sure in the next couple of years we’ll get the best out of him.”

The latest from The Independent claims Pogba hates the role he has been given under Solskjaer since Fernandes’ arrival.

Chief football writer Miguel Delaney reports that the 27-year-old does not enjoy playing a more withdrawn role and believes he should be further up the pitch.

The raises the question does Solskjaer know his best midfield?

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