Video: Henry Winter perfectly sums up how ‘Project Big Picture’ would ruin football

Manchester United and Liverpool’s attempts to push through ‘Project Big Picture’, the biggest shake-up of English football in a generation, has received extraordinary, but understandable backlash from aggrieved supporters across the country. 

The changes devised by the American owners of two institutions of our game will effectively monopolise the power of the sport in England within the ‘Big Six’.

Among several controversial proposals outlined in a document called ‘Revitalisation’, as seen by the Telegraph, is narrowing voting rights from 20 Premier League clubs to just six.

The documents also includes plans to abolish the League Cup and Community Shield, and an 18-team Premier League.

‘Project Big Picture’ is being painted as English football’s liberator and saviour, with a £250m rescue package given to EFL clubs in crisis and £100m to stabilise the FA.

In reality, it is defined by a greed that gives six entitled clubs unprecedented power of the game in this country.

Of course, United are one of these clubs and if these proposals are pushed through, it would see people like Joel Glazer have control of English football.

The Glazers were responsible for one of football’s most toxic takeovers and have turned United into a financial cash cow ran for personal gain.

As leading football journalist Henry Winter points out brilliantly, football belongs to the people, not self-centred billionaires with no interest in the sport itself.

Listen to Winter’s thoughts on ‘Project Big Picture’ below, via TalkSPORT:

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