Opinion: Pochettino should steer clear of Manchester United job, it’s Solskjaer’s impossible task

Manchester United have reportedly made contact with Mauricio Pochettino.

A story which stems from the Daily Star claims senior club officials have made contact with Pochettino’s entourage, undoubtedly to sound him out about the possibility of him taking over at some point.

While United have had a bad start to the season, losing shockingly to Tottenham in the process, it’s truly remarkable that the Glazers and board can look at anyone but themselves.

The way in which the club conducted business over the summer was nothing short of embarrassing and it has left the manager with a much harder job.

Will they take note of that or begin to push Solskjaer off the edge like they have done to previous managers?

You might think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be replaced because there are better managers out there, including Pochettino, but after the job he did last season he deserves this campaign. However, to expect progress with this squad — when all of our rivals have strengthened — is barbaric.

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This cruel reality of how Manchester United do things now doesn’t bode well for Solskjaer anyway.

His job is ultimately what Arsene Wenger’s job became at Arsenal. The Glazers have a pretty blatant pattern which sees them spend big only when the team misses out on the Champions League, and once that is secured they’re happy with mediocrity.

Manchester United is not being run to be the best football team in England any more. Premier League titles don’t matter.

Solskjaer, or anybody in his position for that matter, will want to take United back to the glory days. An impossible task with these leaches at the wheel.

The aim every season is to get into the Champions League and that’s how Solskjaer or the next man will stay in charge.

Sadly, he’s another victim of Glazer greed but that was inevitable as it would be with Pochettino too.

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  1. All of you are blaming the board. Yes you are right to do that but you did not blame the manager who played central role in the whole transfer fiasco. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knew that Sancho deal is expensive, yet he asked Ed Woodward to continue its pursuit until last minutes. Did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer listened to man Utd legends who told him to prioritise defenders rather than Winger, he shrugged that suggestion off, and insisted on Sancho. The same Solskjaer, who was obssessed with English players, led the club to be paying £80 million for Maguire, when Koulibali was available for the same price. The problem is that Solskjaer lacks tactics, and he wants to use talented players to augment his shortcomings. Pochetino will not buy expensive players, but will transfer average players who is less expensive and key to his project, and achieve result that Solskjaer who is looking for expensive players. If not that Solskjaer is having blind loyalty to his compatriot Scandinavian Lindelof, he should have prioritsed central defender rather than waiting endless for Sancho that did not materialise.

  2. The Glazers know the name Manchester United is known globally and will earn money because of this They don’t care a toss if the team wins or loses on the pitch They are just there to syphon money out of this magnificent club

  3. It doesn’t make sense to fire ole, all blames to glazier’s family!. Solkjaer is one of the good managers and what he is doing promises great in the coming days.

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