Reporter claims hierarchy seem happy with Man United being a top four club

Manchester United’s recruitment system has been criticised for years, but last summer along with claims there would be change Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spent wisely in the transfer market. I strongly believe had he been allowed to do the same in this transfer market we would be miles ahead with a far better squad to compete with.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer explained in a press conference this morning how he prematurely predicted that United could ‘exploit’ the transfer market. Maybe he didn’t expect Ed Woodward and the board to fail (with just days remaining until the deadline) him in the club’s attempts to sign Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, but it was always a possibility with the Glazers running the ship at Old Trafford. They’ve never put as much as a cent into the club, not even this summer. Not ever.

For a club seen to many as the biggest in the world, it certainly doesn’t seem that way when year after year it settles for mediocrity and getting into the top four.

Manchester Evening News reporter Samuel Luckhurst, who wrote this brilliant article on the club’s board this week, makes this point rather precisely in two tweets.

Do people at Manchester United honestly believe that they are maximising the club’s revenue? Perhaps only those who care about their wallets.

The problem here is Manchester United are not just a top four club. It’s the biggest football institution the world has to offer being starved of its potential.

There are a number of people at fault but the root of this problem is the Glazer family. We’ve become Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, post 2005.

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  1. What makes people think United are a top four club? We’re not! Not this season. Already this season we’ve lost to Palace and where blessed against Brighton. We HAVE stood still while the rest of the clubs who want CL football next season have strengthened ready for the battle. We haven’t. I have been with United through Relegation in 73, through the cup team of the 80s and the success of the Fergie era. I survived the Edwards era, where the owners cared but had not much money, the PLC era, where a % of the profits went to shareholders and now the Glasers who just want to suck as much money from the club as they can. They can fool themselves but no matter who the manager is you can no longer stand still and hope to achieve, not in this league. If you want top 4 you have to aim to win, aiming for top four, you’ll be lucky to finish in the top 6.

  2. I hope all of us fans can come together and let the Galzers and the board know. That we wont stand for this. They run Man U like the Buccaneers. All promise and no commitment. After all its more finanacially sound to have a top four team not a number one team. They would have to pay to keep it up. So instead they will send dead wood Ed and Matt the accountant out to leak all the players they want to pretent to chase. Scoff at the price of real players. The papers will talk about it and we will get nothing. Because they are not qualified to do the job of securing top players or well scouted raw talent. The sad thing is that they think they are being clever about it. And that the fans cry about these things too much. Football at Man U. is about taking risks , about commitment to trying to be the best. The Galzers , dead wood Ed Matt the accountant and the greedy board need to leave and take over an insurance company, a fast food chain or maybe back to investment banking Eddy boy? Maybe real Estate? but they dont belong in football. They dont care about it and and they are making a joke of our club and the fans. Please sell our club to some entity that actually loves football , wants to commit and win. Stop sucking the life and cash out our club you parasites. #glazersout #manunited

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