Borussia Dortmund lower asking fee for Sancho after Englishman wants the deal done

Manchester United’s number-one target Jadon Sancho is reportedly pushing for a move away from current club Borussia Dortmund which could prompt the Bundesliga side to lower their initial £108m asking fee for the talented winger.

Sancho, 20, became the Reds’ number-one summer transfer target after enjoying a hugely impressive breakthrough campaign last season after being directly involved in 40 goals in just 44 appearances in all competitions.

Despite pursuing the English attacker for over three months, a move to Old Trafford has so far failed to materialise and with just four days in this summer’s transfer window, saying the Reds’ are leaving it late is an understatement.

According to a recent report from The Scottish Sun, Dortmund are reportedly resigned to losing their star-winger before deadline day (Oct 5) despite the club’s relentless public confidence.

The report claims that a close source has said: “He wants this deal done.

“He’s told his agent and various advisors to do all they can to make it happen.

“They are pushing for him.”

The report goes onto claim that in-light of Sancho’s demands to join United, Dortmund have been forced to lower their transfer fee demands from £108m to around £95m.

According to another unnamed source in The Sun’s report, behind-the-scenes negotiations are still going on in a desperate attempt to strike a deal before next Monday’s deadline day, the source said: “There’s a bit of a stand off going on… it’s a case of who blinks first.

“Will United up the offer or will Dortmund accept a lower bid?

“The Red Devils are considering making a final bid for the young star on Wednesday in the hope of forcing the deal across the line.”

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  1. I admire Solskjaer for his relentless pursuit of what he wants. I wish him well. I know that we have enough defensive reinforcement inhouse. If there is extra cash after Sancho he should consider pricing away Daka to make the franchise unstoppable in Europe.

  2. May that ropes before dateline
    Tried now and then?
    Many players I’ve been linked but
    nothing materialized.
    What ashem

  3. Plz,de board of man u suld do 4 us favour,bring him inn.we ar restless as man u fans in UGANDA.

  4. What i Like for sure about Ole is he’s made productive signings. One can tell from the likes of Wan Bissaka, Maguire and Bruno during the previous season. Donny is a good signing aswell he is very versataile. You could tell from his peformance against Brighton.

    The idea is not to succumb to the pressure of signing players because other clubs are signing, but to make rational decisions in signing productive players who will tally with United’s long term goals. I trust in Ole’s tactics as he is trying to solve the puzzle of building Man United’s squad to be a state of the art team as it was the case during Fergie time.

    Yes it’s taking some time, yes the fans are impatient and want immediate results but lets not forget that Rome was not built in a day. There is the business aspect aswell. Some players are on aa payroll and that needs to be sorted in the books. The effects of Covid19 are still felt. Also a lot still needs to be done at Man United both in the squad and its staff (getting a sporting director for example)

    I do not see United wining the league title this season. Maybe they could but i personally think the team build up should be the prior motive. When you look at Liverpool for example you see they still have their groove on in the league title contest. They’ve got young players and a fantastic manager.

    When you compare the signings Ole has made so far with other teams in the EPL you notice his signings have had a positive impact in the team especially with Bruno’s arrival in January. Daniel James might have some issues finding his footing but he sure will get to top gear level just as Martial who has started delivering the goods.

    Lets trust the process Guys there is light at the end of the tunnel for Man U. I predict that by the next two seasons United will be a Coloseum in the EpL.

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