Zlatan Ibrahimovic executes tweet brilliantly after testing positive for COVID-19

Former Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, currently playing at AC Milan, has tested positive for COVID-19, the Serie A club have confirmed in a statement.

The Italian said that the Swede would miss the Europa League match against Bodo/Glimt later on Thursday.

“Having informed the relevant health authorities, the player was promptly placed in quarantine at home,” an official statement said.

As was the case with United midfielder Paul Pogba after testing positive for coronavirus, the player will have to follow guidelines in order to recover and keep those around him safe.

Ibrahimovic didn’t take long to have his say on the matter, adding: “I tested negative for Covid yesterday and positive today. No symptoms what so ever. Covid had the courage to challenge me. Bad idea.”

I don’t quite understand why, after testing negative 24 hours prior, Ibrahimovic had to be tested again and how it then came back positive?!

Does that count as a false negative? The player doesn’t report any symptoms and while that doesn’t mean he is free of COVID-19, will he get a third test to see how accurate the second one was?

This is frightening because it doesn’t sound like anyone has control of this virus and the testing in a number of countries is subject to criticism.

Anyhow, Ibrahimovic isn’t going down without a fight and he said so in his tweet in a typical Zlatan-esque manner.

It’s a bad idea to take on Ibrahimovic. Ask any Premier League defender who played against him.

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  1. I don’t understand how I’m dead today. My sports watch showed a pulse yesterday.

    [A test is only indicative of the moment when it was taken. It’s possible to contract the virus between tests]

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