Exclusive: Luke Chadwick reveals moment he got the hairdryer treatment from Sir Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United midfielder Luke Chadwick appeared on the Strettycast this morning and spoke about his time at Old Trafford.

During our conversation he opened up about an incident that resulted in Sir Alex Ferguson giving him the hairdryer treatment and fining him 2-weeks worth of wages.

Chadwick was told by the boss not to attend the first-team Christmas party as he had a Reserve Team game just a few days later. Although he didn’t drink on that very night, he attended and gave some of his team-mates a lift to whenever the party was held.

Unfortunately it all kicked off from there — with the newspapers picking up a story about United players getting into some trouble. That’s how Chadwick was spotted and ended up paying for the most expensive bowl of soup he would ever eat.

“We had a Christmas party planned and I wasn’t meant to be going because we had a Reserve Team game a few days later,” Chadwick told Stretty News. “I ended up going and drove the lads there but wasn’t drinking or anything.

“It was just my luck that it all kicked off and there was some trouble that night which ended up being in all the papers. The manager found out I was there and saw me walking down the corridor. He started shouting at me, saying, ‘You’ve just been fined two weeks wages, I told you not to go out.

“It was obviously during the Christmas period so at the training ground the staff would serve the players their food. The manager was serving out the food and had a bowl of soup in his hand. He saw me and slammed it down on the table and said, ‘That’s the most expensive bowl of soup you’ll ever eat. It cost me a couple of weeks wages.”

It was a pleasure to speak with Chadwick and we hope to bring you more quality guests on the podcast soon.

You can listen to the Strettycast below, or alternatively via your preferred podcasting platforms like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Hopefully the soup was worth it!

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