Glazers were willing to sell 20 per cent of Manchester United to Saudi Arabian consortium

According to The Athletic, the Glazers are very much determined to stay put and continue the work they started years ago.

The work that sees them use our beloved football club as a commercial cash cow.

It is claimed they were only willing to sell a stake worth 20 per cent to the Saudi Royal Family when talks were held last year.

A former United director, anonymous in the report, told The Athletic he believes the Glazers are ‘attached’ to the club.

Attached to leaching money out of the club more like!

“People underestimate how attached the owners are to Manchester United,” the source is quoted as saying. “I’m sure there have been people in the past who have been prepared to wave some notes at them but it would take a lot to get them out.

“Not just because they’d want to maximise their return but also because being the owner of Manchester United means something.”

I don’t see any attachment that would interest United fans, who have been against the Glazers since their controversial takeover of the club in 2005, inflicting hundreds of millions worth of debt on the club. They have cost the club £1.5bn in interest, debt and other outgoings. That’s unacceptable and this apparent sources believes they have an attachment to the club?

Yeah, for all the wrong reasons.

Ed Woodward helped leverage the takeover and that explains their loyalty to the incompetent executive vice-chairman. If they wanted to takeover the football world by dominating English football and fighting for Champions League titles, Woody would be nowhere near the position he luckily finds himself in. He is wrapped in cotton wool regardless of failures.

They apparently wanted to rebuild Old Trafford when they took over but it is believed they think a full revamp doesn’t make financial sense. Again — all they know is money and don’t care about the welfare of fans.

The Global Football show via Beyond the Pitch features Kieran Maguire, a university lecturer on football financial. He discusses the Glazers with Phil Brown and Callum McFadden. We advise you to listen:

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