10 things Marcus Rashford can’t live without

There are a few things Marcus Rashford can’t live without.

The Manchester United striker has done an exclusive video with GQ Sports to reveal his essentials.

The video states that Rashford names 10 things he can’t live without, but he only names 9, so we’ve gone ahead and predicted the one thing he forgot to include…

10. Playstation

Rashford takes his Playstation everywhere he goes. The United forward enjoys FIFA, Call Of Duty, UFC, and Monopoly.

9. Football

No matter where Rashford goes, he takes a football.

8. iPad

Laptops can be too heavy to carry around everywhere. That’s why iPads and other tablet devices have become increasingly popular over the years. Rashford listed some musicians that he listens to on his iPad, including: Santan Dave, Stormzy, Aitch, MoStack, Mist, Lil Baby, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce.

7. AirPods

Those wireless headphones made by Apple. Rumour has it Rashford uses these to listen to the Strettycast.

6. Cereal

Rashy had to slow down on his eating of cereal because he used to eat 7-8 bowls of the stuff every day. That’s an abnormal amount!

5. Book

Rashford enjoys reading and his favourite book is Relentless – From Good To Great To Unstoppable. One day he will be able to use something similar to title his own autobiography.

4. Washbag

Got to keep your A game and stay fresh! Inside he keeps a hairbrush, combs, shower gel, a sponge, and some teeth-washing essentials.

3. Football boots

Obviously, he’s a footballer! He keeps an older pair of Nike boots from 2018.

2. Dog

Rashy has a beautiful Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) who looks like a big giant pet!

1.  Jesse Lingard – our guess inclusion

Rashford and Lingard are close mates. They’ve definitely got a bromance going on!

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