Nani explains why he snubbed Arsenal and Chelsea for United

Nani believes his transfer to Manchester United in 2007 was destined to happen.

He felt a connection to the club after touring Old Trafford as a youngster. We all remember seeing the theatre of dreams for the first time, and it really is overwhelming.

It’s the stuff of dreams which Nani achieved and we shouldn’t forget that just because he’s now an established professional footballer.

Although he had a solid career at United, Nani had the pressure of being the second Portuguese winger at the club, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Though anyone capable of thinking straight thought it was unfair to expect Nani to fill the void left by Ronaldo in 2009, there were a few that gave him stick during his time at the club.

He was frustrating as hell (what winger isn’t?) – there is no denying that – but Nani had his moments of magic. The chip against Arsenal being the perfect example.

Speaking on the UTD Podcast, the former Manchester United winger said: “I went into Manchester a couple of years before, three or four years before, when I was a junior at 17.

“We went to England for a pre-season, I don’t remember where, but we were training and the coach, one day, said: ‘Guys we’re preparing for a tour at Old Trafford.’

“Wow, wow, Old Trafford! Wow! The day we went there, we were inside the museum and there was a challenge game to see who had the hardest shot. It would give the numbers and I was there, kicking every time, I can tell you, one of the hardest shots. My very hardest shot.

“Okay, on to the dressing room and it was a special moment as it was where the players sit and change for a game.

“I was very excited. Giggs, Cristiano, Beckham have been here and I went there inside. I remember I was sitting and the guy giving the tour said to us, ‘Cristiano sits here, Giggs sits there’. Oh, they sit here! Oh my goodness! Unbelievable. One day, I will sit here and I will be here.

“My agent asked me as there were so many teams to choose from – Chelsea, Arsenal, teams in Italy like Juventus and Inter [Milan]. Bayern [Munich] and [Real] Madrid – I don’t know if they were true but it was in the news.

“I chose Manchester because of the reasons they gave me at that time and everything [about how] the past was involved with me. It gave me the reasons to go there, all my story and beyond that, told me to go to Manchester.

“It was a club where I have a story in the past before I moved to Manchester when I was a kid, so it was good.”

Nani is currently captain of Major League Soccer side Orlando City. They are not back playing football yet but when it does resume, the MLS will be hoping for better analysis than what I heard watching the Bundesliga over the weekend.

“Dortmund are in decent form,” said the ex-Liverpool commentator, ignoring the fact that no-one is in any form as they haven’t played any football for two months.

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