Angel Di Maria’s wife slams ‘horrible’ Manchester in bizarre rant about food and dolled up girls

The wife of Manchester United flop Angel Di Maria has launched an attack on Manchester, five years on from when the pair left the city. She wants the world to know how much she hates the English city.

Di Maria joined United after a mega-money move from Real Madrid in 2014. As manager this would turn out to be a mega-money mistake because it wasn’t long before Louis van Gaal and Di Maria would clash…

The Argentina international dipped in form and lost his place in the United side before being shipped pit to Paris Saint-Germain the following summer.

And for his wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, it was an equally disappointing time. They weren’t even living in Manchester a year but she’s come to the conclusion that she never wants to step foot in the place again.

“I remember Angel coming up and saying ‘an offer from Manchester United has come in. Maybe we’ll be a little more financially secure…’” she told Los Angeles de la Manana (via The Metro).

“We fought about it. I told him, not a chance, he could go on his own. ‘No, come on. Let’s go’, he replied.

“There was a lot of money involved, and afterwards, the Spanish were calling us money grabbers. And they were right! If you are working for a company and the competition comes along and offers to pay you double, you take it!

“I didn’t want to go to Manchester because at that moment in time, I was friends with Gianinna Maradona, who was married to [Man City striker Sergio] Aguero, and we flew from Madrid to his house in Manchester to pay him a visit for two or three days when Angel had a few days off at Real Madrid.

“It was horrible! All of it was horrible, we’re out of here’. When we left, I said to him, ‘go to any country — except England’.

“Anyway, one year later and there we were in England and it was horrible, it was a s**thole. I didn’t like anything about it, not a thing.”

“The women are all skinny prim and proper… weird. You’re walking down the street and you don’t know if they’re going to kill you or what. The food’s disgusting. All the girls are all dolled up to the nines, perfectly made up and there’s me with my hair in a bun and with no make-up on.”

Cardoso’s dislike for Manchester is strong — but it may have something to do with their Cheshire house being targeted by burglars which occurred after United’s 3-1 win over Leicester City at Old Trafford, as per BBC.

Personally, I find good restaurants every time I visit Manchester, so that’s really down to who you know to get those recommendations. Cardoso and Di Maria lived here for an entire season and it sounds like they gave up on the restaurant scene.

And as for the lovely Mancunian ladies she appears to have a dig at, her comments are best ignored. There are Mancunian women who wear make-up and others who don’t. It’s a strange stick to beat someone with.

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