Man United donate £300,000 to local schools in latest brilliant gesture

Manchester United Foundation have donated £300,000 to their partner high schools and colleges in order to help vulnerable children during the coronavirus crisis.

The foundation is also continuing to provide staff presence at schools for children whose parents are key workers and has pledged £10,000 to each partner.

These donations will go a long way in providing essentials such as food, clothing, energy, medication and IT equipment to mitigate the strain vulnerable families are experiencing at homes.

United’s foundation has partnerships with schools across nine of the 10 boroughs across Greater Manchester.

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“Manchester United Foundation is a brilliantly supportive partner of ours and they have stepped into this void to provide enough money for all those families to receive vouchers to cover at least some of the shortfall,” said Great Academy Ashton principal Jenny Langley, as quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

“There is enough in their very generous donation for us to support some of our other families too, those who may not previously have needed it but are struggling financially now due to loss or reduction of income.

“During these unusual times the Foundation has continued to work with schools like ours to understand the immediate challenges facing our young people and their families, and this shows the strength and moral purpose of Manchester United Foundation.”

Fans can be proud with the way United are handling the COVID-19 crisis; it appears the club are doing everything they can to help combat the virus.

United were one of the first clubs to announce they would not be furloughing any staff and have instead encouraged their workers to volunteer for the NHS.

The club has also made deliveries to local food banks and provided protective equipment and meals for NHS workers in local hospitals.

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