Strettycast: Sir Alex Ferguson voted greatest British manager – A chat with Pete Molyneux

The BBC ran a poll asking readers to vote for the best British football manager. It comes as no surprise that Sir Alex Ferguson won it but how on earth did Sir Matt Busby only got 1% of the votes — the same as Kenny Dalglish!

A special thanks goes to Pete Molyneux for joining me for today’s chat on such short notice. Since the early days of this blog, Pete has been a good friend, willing to chip in with stuff whenever asked.

We owe a lot to fans like him because one day, believe it not, someone is going to want to know why Romelu Lukaku didn’t work out at Old Trafford. Those answering the questions will be too young to have even seen him play.

In many ways, that’s one of the most beautiful aspects of football. Passing down stories to one another and we hope to do this regularly with Pete in the near future.

He has been going to games in 1964 and is always interesting to listen to.

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