(Video) Lockdown chat – Man Utd to reshape media presence, bizarre kit designs & defence of Pogba

New Lockdown chat over on Stretty News TV!

The latest lockdown chat sees Dale, Jonathan and Ian discuss a number of topics on Manchester United – from the club’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to outrageous kit leaks that have potential to become iconic pieces of merchandise (see Jonathan’s range of mugs each week for more…).

United are in the process of hiring a new Head of Social Media (via LinkedIn) and the lads question whether this is a move in the right direction, ensuring that whatever applicant is successful is a United fan, to bring the club closer to its supporters. Many feel the club is far too commercially driven and the community connection once felt has been lost as a result.

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Although trying to stay occupied in isolation, Jonathan has no Tinder updates for us this week, while Ian is sat is new surroundings away from the MUST office. I’m looking bald. Very bald.

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Watch the video below:

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