Latest Premier League plan aims for summer football with Man Utd set for 9 games in 5 weeks

The Premier League’s Friday night meeting has concluded that the season cannot restart before June 8th at the earliest, and may be played in a 5-week spell after that.

There are various plans on the table and it’s going to be impossible to keep everyone happy.

You have the FA, the PFA, the big clubs, those fighting for Premier League safety, UEFA, FIFA, the players, the broadcasters, the sponsors.

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Although they’ve issued a new date, I would not advice getting excited because nobody knows how the coronavirus situation will resolve itself, and their original plan was to stop football until 4 April…

We knew that was unlikely at the time and we haven’t got much hope for the new date either.

Putting COVID-19 aside for a moment, is it safe to ask players to cram their remaining games in over the course of 40 days? It’s doable I’m sure but what does that mean for the FA Cup and Europa League?

Still a lot of questions to be answered.

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