Premier League season can be completed behind closed doors

Premier League matches could resume behind closed doors — and matches that take place at 3pm on Saturdays will be able to be shown live on TV.

This means UEFA has lifted its Saturday 3pm blackout which comes after the Premier League made contingency plans to get the season finished with Sky and BT Sport already braced to show extra games to potentially keep fans away from stadiums, as per The Mirror.

But keeping fans away from stadiums is a big ask. Liverpool are on course to win their first league title in 30-years, and don’t even try tell me they will be able to keep their fans off the streets once they get the two wins needed to be crowned champions…

It’s an obvious concern that some fans would ignore the government’s advice and turn up at stadiums anyway, to make themselves known (with the help of social media), and ‘support’ their side.

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They could even be liable for arrest, fines and possibly imprisonment.

However, the report adds that UEFA have unblocked the 3pm blackout because no matches are currently being shown and they still don’t want to use that slot for broadcasting games.

The Premier League and Football Association requested UEFA to change it which means it would also allow EFL games to be shown live.

If this goes ahead, we’ll have a season full of football, but there’s still no clarity on what will happen the summer transfer window.

With the continued lockdown on pubs and other fine establishments, this means the only place to watch the games would be at home.

This also means that United will be given a chance to compete for a top four finish, the FA Cup and Europa League.

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