Video: Harry Maguire attempts new viral trend known as the hand emoji challenge

There’s a new popular challenge on TikTok which Manchester United defender Harry Maguire is trying to master.

TikTok has become one of the most popular sites out there which lets your imagination go crazy when it comes to creating trends and dance videos.

Maguire should forget about hanging up the boots to become a TikTok influencer. He doesn’t do badly at the hand emoji challenge, as seen below via Twitter, but he’s a much better centre-back!

All players have been advised to self-isolate which helps explain why Maguire is using the hand emoji challenge to remain occupied. He must be very bored.

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Hand emoji challenge: What is it?

The hand emoji challenge has been trending since the start of the year.

Users challenge themselves to create emojis with their hands in a short period of time — in order to complete the sequence of emojis.

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You won’t find us trying the hand emoji challenge anytime soon!

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